Mission, values ​​and our vision for the community we serve



To combat poverty and social problems in the community we cater to, by encouraging education and by giving younger generations a chance to a happier childhood and a better future.



A world in which young people from underprivileged rural communities and uneducated families manage to defeat their inherited poverty and turn into responsible, independent, moral adults.


Beliefs and values

We believe that the poverty inherited from generation to generation can be fought against by means of education and character building; by encouraging the potential of every child and by exposing children to as many positive role models and enriching life experiences as possible.

We believe in the potential of every child, regardless of their social and economic background.

We believe it truly takes a village to raise a child and that every child is the responsibility of their entire community. Every adult in the world should feel responsible towards children and the next generations.

The values that guide us are transparency, perseverance, tenacity in overcoming obstacles, generosity, dedication, gratitude.