Become a volunteer!

You can help us by becoming a volunteer* of the Hercules Center and/or by becoming a fundraiser or promoter** for our organization, Asociatia Hercules. We acknowledge all kind of help by issuing volunteering certificates that mention your contribution to our social project.
As a volunteer of the Center, working directly with children, you can get involved in our current activities or you can propose and organize an activity or workshop of your choice, based on your skills and experience. Children would love it if you helped them learn foreign languages, arts and craft, digital skills, if you read, played or cooked with them.
If you want to contribute to our cause but prefer to do this at a distance, there are so many ways you can help, as a fundraiser or a promoter of our cause and messages. Here is how:

  1. Share our message and help us build our network of (potential) donors: If you have a blog or if you are very active on social media networks, you can share our messages, write about us, encourage your friends, followers and readers to donate for us. Whether online or offline, it helps if you mobilise your friends and spread the word about us. We can support you in this by offering articles, presentations, ebanners and other promotional materials about the Hercules project.

  3. Take part in sports competitions or organize a sports events in our support. There are a few sports events (such as Bucharest marathons) where athletes run or swim for a social cause. If you like our project, you can choose to run for Hercules and raise awareness and funds among your friends and supporters. Also, you can gather your friends and ride the bike or do any other kind of sport in our support (hashtag Hercules on your social media pages, raise awareness about us, encourage friends to support Hercules)


“At the International Semimarathon in Bucharest I competed so that hundreds of children in my native town Costesti can have access to education, a better childhood and a hope for the future. I admire the Hercules Day Center and its small team for the perseverance with which in the last 9 years they never ceased to gather around children good people and important resources. For the determination and generosity with which they fight poverty and lack of opportunities in a small isolated community.”

Cosmin Tronaru, Raiffeisen Bank Romania employee, was born in Costesti and today lives in Bucharest

*voluntary = a big hearted individual who chooses to support a cause /a social project with no personal interest whatsoever
**voluntary fundraiser or promoter = a generous, pro- active individual who chooses to put their skills, time and network to good use by supporting and promoting a cause they care about


Volunteers testimonials about us and their experience

Bianca Matasariu – Arts teacher and volunteer teaching English for Hercules kids in 2015

 “It’s a long time since I wanted to become a volunteer but a number of reasons kept me from fulfilling this wish. Since 2014 when I got to meet the Hercules kids through another friend who was volunteering for the Hercules Association, Cristina Serban. The smiles and the warmth that welcomed me at the Hercules Center convinced me to get involved and do my share to help with what I could. This year, in 2015, I committed to coming every week from Bucharest to Costesti, for one day, to spend time with children, help them with homework, play games and teach them English.

I can hardly describe the emotions I have when I see the children smile happily and cherish their every little victory: a word pronounced well, a homework finished sooner than expected, a problem solved, a new funny game learnt. With them, I learned to appreciate more what I myself have. It’s amazing to see how hard the team tries and succeeds to take small steps in order to help future generations and build tomorrow’s society. I am happy to play a part in this project.”
Andreea Moldovan, Vodafone Romania employee

„If you come to the Hercules Center once, you cannot not come back! They become part of you, the place, the team and most of all, the children.”
Anca Dorobantu, Vodafone Romania employee

“What the Hercules Center means to me? A place of hope, where I keep coming back out of love. You can learn here what it truly means “to give”. You give time, experience and smiles and feel energized in this doing.” 
Cristina Serban, Voluntar de profesie 2014-2015

„Of all the wonderful NGOs I’ve known as a Vodafone employee and volunteer, Hercules touched my soul in a special way and made me consider volunteering on the long term. Quite possibly, it was the small, generous team that convinced me to get involved: a handful of people determined to change for the better the lives of the kids in their community and to change mentalities of very poor families. Or it might be it was really the children who convinced me to move to Costesti from Bucharest for 9 months so as to be able to be every day at the Hercules Center. I was lucky to meet 50 beautiful children who do not deserve the problems that affect them and I felt I wanted to do everything I could to help them. Today I use my experience and skills to help the Center and I know I am the one who gains the most of this experience.”
Emilian Croitoru, management team of BCR

Emilian supported two fundraising campaigns for Hercules in 2011 (when he climbed the Aconcagua 6962 m in Argentina) and in 2012. „I decided to help 50 kids to continue school, to develop, to find answers to their own questions, to climb the mountains of their lives. I am sure their parents love them a lot, but cannot help them get a good education.”
Stephen Roberts, Canadian from the Prince Edward Isle, Hercules volunteer for a few months in 2008

Stephen was 21 when he came in Romania in 2008 with the precise aim to volunteer and to experience what the country has to offer. He asked for a recommendation at the Princess Margarita of Romania Foundation, and the Foundation recommended Hercules. He first heard about Romania in 1989 and snice then he had wished to know this “tormented country”.

For a few months, he was hosted at the Hercules Center and he helped kids with homework, talked to children exclusively in English, helped paint the building, mowed the lawn, cooked and set the table with the children, wrote the Association’s Annual Report in English and helped with many translations. Many years after his experience, he wrote us back saying he missed the Hercules Center and his volunteering experience, he missed hearing Romanian, drinking cherry “rachiu” and eating “chicken, cucumber, tomatoes and cheese”. “I simply fell in love with Romania”.