Corporate Volunteering

Located 134 km south of Bucharest and 20 km away from the Bucharest – Pitesti highway, the Hercules Day Center offers a wide range of volunteering opportunities to employees of our sponsor companies.

You can either help us with the kids and get involved in their educational or recreational activities, or you could just give us us a hand with the maintenance of the Center: carpentry work, cooking, painting, cleaning, gardening, planting, decorating, playground building are just some of the activities where we are short of help.

Because there is always loads to do in a huge, 3 levels house with a garden and a wide 220 mp hall room attached.

One of our traditional volunteering events is “Camara cu bunatati”. Volunteers help us every fall to fill in our Storage Room with goodies that kids can enjoy during the winter at the canteen: jam, muraturi, zacusca are prepared with vegetables from our own gardens and with help from kids.

Volunteers also help us a lot at Christmas and Easter time when they help us create Cards we sell for fundraising reasons.

Kids are also happy to make a trip to Bucharest or elsewhere out of their hometown once in a while. You can join and guide them in an interesting activity they would not have access to in Costesti: a visit to the theatre, to the museum, to a concert or to a kids’ activity would be both fun and educational for them, gratifying for any volunteer.

Please contact us it you and your colleagues care to help! Thank you!