Get involved

Every year, in Romania 300.000 children – 17% of all the children – drop out of school.

Most of them live in the rural area and leave school because of poverty, social exclusion and because of their parents’ lack of interest in education. Even today, in 2016, there are many parents who choose to use their children as workforce in the field, instead of sending them to school. School dropout and lack of education perpetuate the poverty inherited by children from previous generations.

The poverty of these future adults is our poverty, as a society. Whereas the low level of education of tomorrow’s generations is a loss for all of us.

Hercules Association chose to fight these problems in the local community – Costesti and the nearby villages – by founding in 2007 the Hercules Day Center – the only social center in Arges county. In the last 10 years we worked hard to mobilize resources and big-hearted individuals in order to help poor children in our community not to drop out of school, to better their results in school, to avoid social exclusion caused by poverty, to experience positive things in life and built beautiful childhood memories.

With your support – whether you choose to donate money or your time – we can increase the number of the children we help, we can offer children nourishing meals, we can buy books, school supplies or stimulating educational toys and games, we can develop activities which are useful for children, we can expose children to enriching experiences that help them grow up and broaden their horizon.

As donor or volunteer, you have the power to change children’s life for the better and your contribution will have both immediate effects as well as long term effects in the life of these young future adults. When you choose to get involved you become part of the story, the life story of every child you contribute to helping.

How will you choose to get involved?

You can donate online or by bank transfer, you can donate inkind, you can donate time by becoming our volunteer.