Yesterday was the last day our young carol singers were “on tour”. This is why we now feel like drawing a line and thinking back to the events that took place in these last intense weeks.  We feel the need to say thank you and express our deep gratitude for a December that was full of generosity, singing and joy.

This December we felt lucky, because we’ve come to know many extraordinary people and we won many new friends.

  • Veeam – producer and provider of archiving and data saving solutions – the company we visited and sang carols to yesterday in Bucharest. Tens of Veeam employees welcomed us in their elegant offices and their play and table tennis area 🙂
  •  Deloitte România – whose generous people came to visit us in Costesti, with sleighs…sorry, with cars cars packed with gifts. We do hope this was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
  • The two student groups who raised money from their colleagues in order to buy presents for our children. On our Facebook page we’ve already written more about these young supporters: – the Economy students who found us through a Google search and the Medicine students who came to visit because one day, 6 years ago, a former high school student in Pitesti spent a day at the Center as a volunteer and had loved Hercules ever since.
  • The kids and teachers at Central School Bucharest, with whom we sang carols together and exchanged presents

This December we felt spoilt and indulged with every attention.

  • Raiffeisen Bank România organised an event especially for us at their headquarters, for the third year in a row. It was one of the most beautiful day of this month. For most of our kids that day was Christmas
  • For the sixth year we were invited at the Christmas event organised by the Fundația Vodafone România
  • Apele Române and the Costești Court invited us to sing carols for them
  •  Aspad sent beautiful presents again this year
  • Our friends at Dacia – Club Duster 4 x 4 surprised us with a visit one evening and with many gifts for the children

This December we also felt a bit like some artists, because we too shared joy with our singing. We thank Marian for the guitar accompaniment and our audiences for the cheering. Marian is a teacher, our IT specialist, a lively games initiator, pianist and guitarist much loved by the kids, one of the pillars of the Hercules Center.

This December we felt loved, appreciated and privileged – because a truly special man, who is also the Patron of our Hercules Center – chose to make a generous donation, so that our kids can enjoy 10 brand new tablets and other amazing, useful gifts. Thank you, Andreas Gschwenter, for managing to stay so close to us, despite supporting us from far away.  Thank you H. Stepic CEE Charity – our main partner – for the wonderful people you have given us the opportunity to know and work with.

This December is grey and gloomy in many senses, if we take a look around us. Yet our children – all the children in the world, in fact – do not deserve „grey”. They deserve what you, big-hearted, kind people, have offered them: colour, magic, smiles.

Thank you!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas everyone!