The HERCULARIUM LIBRARY – Building a better future for children, one book at a time

The Hercules Association is currently developing a new project within the Hercules Day Center: “HERCULARIUM – Books for a Better Future” – a modern library offering free access to all the children in Costesti and the neighbouring villages.

Everyone can lay a brick to the new library catering to children in a rural, deprived community!

Donate online or by bank transfer and help us:

  • Build a modern library equipped with a multimedia room, a computer room with Internet, comfortable reading corners, a toy-room with stimulating toys for preschoolers
  • Organize regularly a Book Caravan for children in the neighbouring villages, who have no easy access to Costesti (due to long distance, poor transportation conditions and transportation costs)
  • Encourage a love of books and of knowledge, building the internal motivation to learn and thus helping children to better prepare for the future
  • Change parents’ mentalities related to education and child discipline

Do you represent a responsible, generous company or organization, interested to support educational projects? Find out how you can support the Hercularium Library with no supplementary costs (if you pay taxes in Romania) and contact us if you need a detailed presentation of the Hercularium project.

What is Hercularium?

Hercularium = library + reading room + computer & multimedia room + toy library for preschool children + events room

In the heritage 3 level building which today accommodates the Hercules Day Center, the Hercules Association aims to open a modern, attractive educational space, dedicated to all the children in Costesti and the surrounding villages. Hercularium will be open a few hours a day, 2-3 days a week, according to a fixed schedule, to every child in the community who wants to read, borrow books, use the computer for educational purposes or use the toy library.

Hercularium is conceived as a library first of all, a space where children of all ages (1-18) can get familiar with books and can learn to love them. Comfortable reading corners will invite children to immerse into reading and explore the books in the library: books in the school curricula, books of fiction, dictionaries and encyclopaedias, travel guides and art books, maps and foreign language training books. A special book caravan will bring books, once a week, upon request, to children in more distant villages in the Costesti area.

Basic digital and computer literacy is in today’s (the more so in tomorrow’s) world as important a skill as reading. With this in mind, Hercularium aims to be the place where children with no/little access to technology at home can get familiar with the basic hardware, software and Internet concepts that will allow them to use computers for educational purposes and, later in life, for professional advantage. We plan to set up a small computer and multimedia room and offer access to at least a few computers and laptops, tablets, kindles, DVD players and other devices that encourage exploration and make the learning process more attractive. A small movie library (DVDs) will also be available to children.

The toy room is dedicated to smaller children (1-6) and will offer a range of carefully- chosen books and educational toys. In parallel, through parenting events, parenting books and other promotional materials, parents will be informed as to the importance of play and mental stimulation for children from an early age.

Under the Hercularium umbrella, the Hercules Association plans to organize different cultural and educational events for children and parents in Costesti: theatre plays, workshops for children, parenting courses, foreign language or computer literacy trainings for kids etc. In order to organize these events, Hercules will mobilize trainers, actors etc from Bucharest and Pitesti (the closest city to Costesti). Depending on sponsorships, events can be free of charge or will be require a small contribution from parents. Children at the Hercules Day Center will have free access to any event organized by the Hercules Association.

Hercularium aims to open the appetite for knowledge for as many children in Costesti as possible. Through this new project, children will have access to the instruments they need to improve their education and better prepare for and adapt to future challenges.


Why this project?

There is an enormous gap between children growing up in small, rural communities and children who live in big cities, with access to all the resources and opportunities they need (cultural events, educational activities, creative workshops, mental stimulation of any sort added to an already higher quality formal education). The cultural and intellectual desert in which children grow up in rural areas translates, later in life, into a great educational, social and professional drawback.


How to contribute

Hercularium is a flexible project and can grow gradually, based on the funds and support we manage to attract. We need to renovate and refurbish the space to better suit the project’s needs and activities, buy books, computers and other useful resources; coordinate and promote the project within the community/ educate.

  • Donate money – donate online or by bank transfer and help us buy books, furniture, computers and other gadgets, decorative objects; part-time coordinator; organize workshops
  • Donate inkind – computers and laptops (minimum 5), tablets (2-3), DVD player, CD player (for audio books), film projector, DVDs (films, travel guides etc), books, other resources
  • Become a volunteer – we welcome professionals who can use their skills to make Hercularium a better place and to help children and parents acquire new skills. More than anything, children need mentors, people with inspiring life stories, adults that can be good role models and show children what they can aspire to in life.

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