Our story

BufKids is a dream came to for the Hercules team: a second „Hercules Center”, this time in a more disadvantaged community closer to Bucharest. This dream would not have been fullfilled without the help received from Habitat for Humanity Romania – the NGO who built the Center’s buliding from the scratch and the Town hall of Buftea, who offered the ground the center was built on.

The 2 story-building was built during 2018 and 2019 and in the near future Habitat for Humanity will continue to help by building a separate smaller building to host the center’s canteen.

The official opening of the BufKids Center was planned for March 19, 8 days after the Romanian authorities announced an emergency state in Romania due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We were thus forced to start our activity very discreetly, with no celebrations, guests or press releases. However, the crisis did not stop us from being active and present in the community, be it even from a distance. Our thanks for this go to our small team and our sponsors’ uninterrupted support – United Way Romania and Raiffeisen Bank Romania.

Since April 2020 the educational activities happened via internet, mainly whatsapp. The BufKids team – currently a project coordinator, an educational trainer, a social assistant and a psychologist – is continuously in contact with the kids and their parents, offering educational support for children. Our limit is admittedly the children’s lack of access to tablets and laptops and we are trying hard to remedy this obstacle by trying to identify possible sponsors for the necessary gadgets.

Our team also went in the community to deliver bags with basic food, hygiene items and masks.

Last update April 28, 2020.