“Stay in School”, scholarship project to fight school dropout

For the 5th year this year, the Vodafone Foundation Romania is active in the community of Costești, Argeș county, and contributes to building a better future for the children in our town and the nearby villages.

The Vodafone Foundation Romania and the Hercules Association, through the “Stay in School” project, support with monthly scholarships 50 children who attend the daily educational activities of the Hercules Center.

“After 10 years of involvement in the community, we know that any successful educational project must contemporarily aim at fighting poverty and alleviating the children’s material difficulties. Because poverty remains, in our community and in most rural communities in Romania, the main cause of school dropout. Children at Hercules Center receive two meals a day at the canteen, educational support at the after-school and – beginning with november 2016 – scholarships to be used for clothes, school supplies, food – anything the child needs to go to school better equipped and prepared.” says Petruța Stănescu, founder and coordinator of the Hercules Center, director of Hercules Association.

The Vodafone Foundation Romania is present and active in the Costesti community since 2011, when it financed for the first time the daily functioning of the Hercules Center. Since then, the Vodafone Foundation Romania has invested over 200.000 euro in the present and future of more than 1.000 children in Costesti and the nearby villages.

The Hercules Day Center is the only community center of its kind in the south area of the Arges county, the only reference point for the most vulnerable families and children. Founded in 2007, the center offers basic social services, supports school education and offers access to quality non formal education for children aged 6-14.

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