The best summer camp. At the seaside

In June this summer, children at the Hercules Day Center went on summer camp at the seaside. For the first time in their lives. 

For this long dreamt of holiday, children worked hard last autumn: hundreds of Christmas cards were made by their skilled little hands and were then sent to our friends and sponsor in Vienna, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Pitesti or Timisoara.

All the children agreed that this summercamp was “unforgettable”, one to remember for a lifetime. It was, we must admit, the best summercamp we organized in 11 years of Hercules Center.

Therefore we asked the children why they will never forget this holiday and what is there to remember about it. We wrote down some of their answers in a short text that will hopefully manage to convey part of the emotion and joy felt by some tens of children who this time last year did not even dear to dream of seeing the sea so soon.

“I will remember this holiday because the sea is truly beautiful! It is more beautiful than I had expected! It is foamy, it has big waves you can float on. I liked the hot sand under my feet and the shells. I picked up a small bag of shells to look at when I miss the sea and to show to my parents. Nobody in my family has ever been to the seaside in their lives”

“I will remember the sea because it is soooo huge! I looked far in the distance to figure out where it ends, but I couldn’t, it was like the sea and the sky became one. I was impressed and overwhelmed by such hugeness!”

“I will remember this summercamp because, for the first time in my life, I travelled by train. We had half carriage booked for us. The trip was long but I didn’t perceive it as such, for we had so much fun. We saw the train station in Bucharest, which was so big and so so crowded.”

“I will remember the dolphins who danced, sang and played into the water. I was impressed by how intelligent they were. I’d like to see dolphins again in my life.”

“I will remember our evening walks along the beach. Everything seemed different from what I had seen in our town: more beautiful and better. So many smiling people and tasty things to eat! The huge candy floss has a different taste, even the corn is better, and the pancakes are huge!”

“I will surely never forget our playing and swimming in the sea! I wish I could stay in the water forever! I learned how to swim and I dived underwater with my special water glasses, and I saw jellyfishes and crabs.”

Everything was wonderful, concluded the kids together in one voice. We know it was, because we could witness the children’s happiness every day during the summercamp, and that filled us with positive energy for the rest of the year. 

On our way back, the children made us laugh with a song they had written themselves while on train. Until we got home we all sang the refrain which goes like this.

“Mare, mare, ce minune,
Nu credeam sa ajung la tine
Cu colacul după mine. 
ști frumoasă mare albastră
Limpede și răcoroasă. 
Ai scoici multe, nisip fin, 
La tine sper să mai vin

(Translated: “Seaside, seaside, how wonderful you are/I never thought I would come to see you/ With my floatie in my bag. / You are beautiful, blue sea, clear and refreshing/ You have fine sand and many shells/ I really hope to see you again!”)

We thank all the good people and companies who ordered Christmas cards and helped us fullfill a children’s dream. 

Thank you H. Stepic CEE Charity – our partners in Vienna –  for not just supporting our activity in the last years, but for also appreciating the kids’ creativity and hard work.

The Hercules Team

(Petruta, Marian, Lavinia, Angelica supervised the children during the summercamp)