At the Hercules Workshop, children, volunteers and often senior people in the community exercise their creativity and put their arts & crafts skills to work.

We play a lot at the Hercules Workshop, but it is serious play: we playfully come up with new ideas of cards, mărțișoare (typical Romanian tiny gifts, symbols of spring), and small gifts for our donors and corporate partners.

We take this play seriously because for us, these small objects are a source of income. With the money we raise by selling our handmade products, we can buy something children really need at home or at the center, we can take children to fun, mind-opening trips out of their hometown or prepare small gifts and parties for every child’s birthday.

Christmas Cards Catalog

With your help, we can both prepare kids for the future and help them enjoy the present and create beautiful memories.

Whether you are an individual looking to surprise your dear ones or a company looking for responsible gifts for your partners, clients or employees – you just found a good partner in us.


Who can order handmade cards/ objects?

Both individuals and companies of any sizes are encouraged to contact us if they need beautiful, handmade Christmas or Easter Cards, mărțișoare or small gifts to offer to their clients, partners or employees.

We can produce large amounts of cards and gifts (because of the volunteers we can mobilise when necessary), we are quick and serious and we can personalise your order should you wish something a bit different from what you find in your catalogue.

Many companies have already ordered and enjoyed the handmade objects created by children and volunteers at the Hercules Center: Vodafone Romania and Vodafone Romania Foundation, H. Stepic CEE Charity, Raiffeisen Bank International, BCR, Siemens, P&G, Depanero, Okaidi, Galeriile Noblesse, Clever Solutions, PWC.


How to order

Should you like any of our cards in the catalogue (see the green spot above for the pdf version) please drop an email or contact us by phone or Facebook.

We will need to know the following details: your name / company, a phone number, your email, your delivery address, your chosen card/object, quantity and deadline. Company details are needed for the sponsorship contract.

The envelopes are on us, included in the price, the transportation costs are covered by the sponsor. We charge a bit more for personalised cards that are not included in the catalogue.


Thank you!

The Hercules kids, volunteers and team