Fund Management

We are 100% responsible, transparent and efficient when it comes to managing funds. All of our funds come from private foundations, companies or individuals.


The functioning of the Hercules Association depends entirely on our team’s fundraising efforts (corporate fundraising, campaigns, project writing) and on the responsibility and generosity of our sponsors and donors. Some of our activities – such as the events hall or the workshop – also generate modest funds we invest in the Day Center in order to cover running costs, children’s trips or other direct costs with our beneficiaries.

All of our sponsors receive financial and narrative reports and they know exactly what their donations contribute to. Any donor, regardless of the amount they donated, has the right to request and receive a financial report from the Hercules Association.

Since graphic-expenditures20152007, the Hercules Association mobilized and invested in the community of Costesti more than 1 million euro. This money changed the lives – both present and future – of over 1,500 poor children and supported hundreds of families with economic, social or health problems.

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